Dating back to Nara Period (700AD), the local woodworkers and carpenters developed their outstanding technique in the environment with abundant forest resources, and they served their craftsmanship such as temples and shrine in the ancient capitals, Kyoto and Nara. People called them “Hida no Takumi (Hida’s Master Builders)” with respect.

Now the carpentry spirits and culture are survived yet here. SUKIYA-zukuri Suehiro house is special and experimental one built by “Hida no Takumi” who have respect for “Suki”. Owner expected to give local carpenters the great opportunity makes their art, technique and spirit progress in Hida Furukawa. Young craft men ware needed to contribute to the maximum of their abilities under the circumstance ,such as unlimited budget and time. Just perform the best out of potential. The 80’s and 90’s ex-carpenters and craftsman who build this house, say “it was the greatest pleasure and tough time in my craft man life”.The wooden house built approximately 50 years ago might not be an ancient folk house. However, the structure and crafts built by sheer persistence of “Hida no Takumi” is worth seeing.

I removed to HidaFurukawa about 10 years ago. Our research is purpose for uncovering the condition of local about 8400 houses in Hida city and what’s happened  in the near future; one of the social issues is empty house and broken community under the elderly society. It showed that around 30% houses is empty while a few number would be broken for 20 years later.

Through this research I knew this SUKIYA-sukuri house which had already plan to be broken and then decided to live with this house.This house was reborn as one of the solution. I’m glad that your staying at SUKIYA-zukuri Suehiro would be unique experience in your journey.




私がこの家屋にで会ったのが2012年、飛騨に移住してきたのち所属する建築会社で企画した飛騨市内全域の空き家調査でした。約8,400棟の活用状態(空き家や家族構成を調査)で10、20年後の状況を予測するためのものでした。その時期に既に解体が決定していた家屋を引き取り、古川の町に新しい流れを模索できないかと始まったものの一つがSUKIYA-zukuri Suehiroでした。

それから10年ほど経ち、飛騨古川やもちろん高山も、一棟貸しの施設が増え滞在のスタイルもバリエーションも格段に広がってきたと思いとてもワクワクしています。SUKIYA-zukuri Suehiroは、その中にある一つ施設です。どうか色々な思いも含めてご宿泊の場所として、お楽しみいただけると嬉しく思います。