Sake Culture

Life with Sake

The life in Hida Furukawa and Sake are inseparable. There used to be more than 10 sake breweries in town wineries still  produce sake, using local underground water and locally produced rice. For every seasonal occasion, for celebrations or condolences, people give sake as gifts. It is not unusual to see people walking with a wrapping cloth with two shous (unit of old Japanese liquid measurement, 1.8L=1shou) of sake in it. Drinking sake in the meetings and parties play an important role in communication. All through the year in the small bars all over the town, locals sit and talk on the counter, drinking Atsukan(hot sake) at their hand,which is a typical traditional scene in this area. It might be fun to take a look, for these small bars welcome everyone. Sake has a meeting of purification in the divine service, therefore it will be sprayed not only to equipment for Okoshi Daiko, but also to the bodies of men facing to the drums. It is said that almost 80% of the winery’s total producing sake in consumed in local, and that tells how sake play significant roles in many scenes of the living in this area.