Rice and Roots: Exploring the Cultural Essence of Hida


Cooking Rice

At SUKIYA-zukuri Suehiro, we want you to enjoy the core part of this culture. The rice might taste better or worse than you expect, and your view of the rice paddies surrounding the town of Hida Furukawa might change a bit.

We used to share the homemade rice produced by our family with the guests at SUEHIRO. However, as my children grew and our rice consumption increased, the amount available to share decreased. Therefore, we now share or buy rice from local farmers in Hida. Please forgive us!

Characteristics of Japanese Rice

Japanese rice is characterized by its strong stickiness and chewy texture. It has a subtle flavor, allowing one to taste the original flavor of the rice. Japanese rice grains are short and round, resulting in a fluffy cooked rice.

Rice is commonly cultivated in paddy fields utilizing the cool climate and abundant water resources, and the milling technology is advanced. This leads to the production of high-quality rice. In other countries, differences in climate, soil, and cultivation techniques seem to affect the characteristics of rice.

Rice Cultivation and Japanese Culture

Unlike the double cropping of rice in other parts of Asia, Japan’s rice cultivation aims for one harvest per year, reflecting the very essence of Japan’s natural landscape.

Being an agrarian nation, especially in rural areas, much of Japan’s culture and values have been influenced by rice cultivation. It seems like the diligence, concept of time, and customs, even seen in Tokyo, carry the DNA of influences from rice cultivation.

Setting aside the complexities, try cooking and tasting the rice for yourself.










SUKIYA-zukuri Suehiroでは、そんな文化のコアの部分を楽しく体験して欲しくご提供しています。思ったより美味しかったり、不味かったり・・・飛騨古川の街を降り囲む田んぼの見え方が少し変わるかもしれませんね。